A Daughter of Christ

Welcome to my blog Daughters of  King! I’m Hailey and this is the first time I have ever blogged ANYTHING! I am 16 years old, live on a farm in Alaska, and am a daughter of Christ.  I hope this blog will help inspire and lead others to Christ. 

I became saved at the age of nine. I remember I was watching one of my homeschool DVD classes and the teacher was telling the story of the rich man and Lazarus. It was the artist’s conception of the rich man in hell that scared the wits out of me and made me decide to follow Jesus. That’s how I became a daughter of the King. 

Being called His child is something I cherish. Knowing that one day I will live with Him in heaven makes me overflow with joy.  But there’s more to being a child of God than just going to heaven! 

1. Of course there’s the one we all think of: Heaven.  Someday walking through those pearly gates on the golden streets by the River of Life,  and finally meeting Him face to face,  touching His scars and worshipping Him is something I look forward to!

2. Forgiveness of sin is the most immediate blessing of salvation

3. Being able to call God “Father”. This may not be something you think of, but think about it: before Jesus died on the cross and came back to life three days later,  people referred to God as Jehovah(the Self-Existent One), Adonai (My Lord, My Master),  Elohim(the Strong one) El Shaddai(the All Sufficient One) and El Elyon(the Most High God). Of all these names do you see one that means “Father”? No!  Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t be respectful and reverential to God,  but we as New Testament believers can go straight to God and call Him Father.  

4.  Peace with God.  Remember when before you were saved, you couldn’t find peace? Once you accept Jesus’s gift of salvation,  you gain peace that passes all understanding

5. Access to God.  Once you become a believer you can gain access to God through prayer and He will answer you, no special badges needed! 

6. Victory over sin.  We are no longer condemned to hell as we once were! 

7. Acceptance from the Lord. 

8. Fellowship with God. 

I didn’t know many of these blessings  until recently.  I am very excited to be sharing about Christ and pray that I can be used as His vessel!

“For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:29